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play red ball game Red Ball 8 game: This is not actually a ball game, but I thought it was appropriate to add it because the main character in it, the angry red bird, looks like a ball. There were similar games like Angry Birds before and I have seen the ball-shaped ones, the only innovation it brought was adding a story to the game. Angry balls are fighting against pigs whose meat is not eaten in many countries around the world.Play red ball 8 game

A beautiful adventure game known as Angry Birds. Your aim in the game is to hunt the birds with a slingshot and destroy the pigs in front of you. In the following sections, you will also see types of birds that explode in the air and accelerate when you press the mouse button. With its simple architecture and easy gameplay, this game has become the fastest released game, especially on mobile phones..

Play red ball 8 game
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