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play red ball game red ball 3 game: In the newest red ball game, you need to help the rolling red ball by placing the wood in your hand in the right place to reach the goal. There are a total of 26 levels in this Red ball 3 game. It disappears 2 seconds after you put the log. For this reason, you need to place a log just before the red ball comes. 3rd category: colored ball games. A nice red ball game that requires intelligence. Play red ball 3 game

In the 3rd red ball game, which brings a different perspective to Red Ball games, you do not manage the ball. Although the amount of movement has decreased in this respect, it is still a very entertaining red ball game due to the difficult obstacles that need to be solved. Complete the path of the red ball by placing a log before it falls into a pit or hole. Your mission is completed when you deliver the ball to the tree stump at the end box..

Play red ball 3 game
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