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Red Ball

play red ball gameRed ball 5 game: a very simple ball game, the red ball is trying to reach its lover above. Move upwards, avoiding the crates falling on your head. If the red boxes fall on the ball's head, they explode. Don't step on the green boxes. Red Ball 5 game contains a bit of adrenaline and violence compared to others. Be careful not to let anything fall on your head. Play red ball 10 game

A very different approach to red ball games, although it is a bit dangerous, your goal in the game is to get rid of the falling crates and reach the lady red ball above. Although there is danger in the game, the ball comes to life again in case of loss, and since no one is harmed, computer games actually teach how to behave in life rather than danger. Even if your goal is to reach a girl, don't let things fall on your head :)

Play red ball 10 game
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